About Me

I love watching people light up!

Woosi's Smiling Face

When someone realizes they have the power to change their own lives, it’s amazing to watch what they do!

That’s what gets me up in the morning — empowering you to dare to dream and then make those dreams a reality. I invite you to redefine your preconceptions about aging and what you can and cannot accomplish:

  • Start that business you’ve been thinking about
  • Approach unexpected or unwanted change with grace and a sense of opportunity.
  • Become the manager everyone wants to work for.
  • Completely re-imagine, or make strategic course corrections to your business, career, or life

It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of enabling someone’s transformation. I love that this is what I get to do every day.

Why an ICF Coach?

International Coaching Federation logo

The International Coaching Federation certifies coaches who have completed 70 hours of approved training, completed a minimum number of hours of coaching practice and time with a mentor coach, and signed the ICF Code of Ethics. All of this means you’re getting a coach who’s trained in the most effective coaching methods. Coaching is unregulated by law, so anyone can call themselves a coach. When you select an ICF coach, you know you’re getting someone who cared enough to get the training, get the practice, and get certified, even though they didn’t have to.

I want to make sure I’m giving the best to my coaching clients, so I’m a member of the ICF and am getting my ACC certification. I’ve completed full ACC training with Seattle Coach – a 30-week experiential, hands-on coaching program, plus several ICF chapter educational meetings. I’ve also completed most of the coaching hours required for certification, and expect to be certified by the ICF in the first half of 2018.

#Hate has no business here

Gender-nonbinary, alter-abled, LGBTQ, alternative lifestyles, all spiritual and non-spiritual paths – everyone is welcome! If you need special accommodations, please contact me and we’ll figure it out together. I also accept a limited number of clients who are cannot pay my normal rates, in collaboration with generous donors to Coach it Forward.

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