ICoaching works by helping you tap into resources you didn’t know you had, seethings from a new perspective, get a hold of those gremlins that stop you, and open up new possibilities for being.

"I've begun to rely on myself"

"Woosi helped me solve my own problems. Instead of relying on another individual, I've begun to rely on myself. I have noticed positive changes in every aspect of my life: career, love, personal, emotional and so much more. I was skeptical at first, about what changes could be brought about, but in the safe, non judgemental environment I've begun to face many internal issues that I thought were too big to deal with."

safrell used with permission
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"Exciting new possibilities"

"We, all of us, are expected to be all together and on top of everything all of the time. It's a big "...Should...". Even if it seems that we don't have a big "issue" or some great flaw in our character, talking to somebody who is trained, has interesting tools and insights, and who cares about her clients can lead to exciting new possibilities. "

Going into the light at the beach
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