What if it is possible?

What if that’s not just the way things are, and you had the power to choose how to be? What if you could transform your relationships or your career? Coaching brings together all the parts of you so you live a life that’s in harmony with all the parts of you. The bold and brave you. The compassionate you. The silly you. The geeky you. The you who’s just trying to keep you safe. The you that knows you’re whole and capable and strong. Say hello to the You that you’ve been missing.

Step into Your Power


Break through the barriers that keep you stuck. Explore the possibilities that arise when you see your way through. You are young enough, and it’s not too late! What’s your next adventure?

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Lean in to your Goals


We’ll team up to co-create how you’ll get there, and along the way, I’ll support you in empowering and holding yourself accountable for taking the steps to realize your dreams.

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Choose your Life


Do you ever feel like someone else (or noone) is driving your life?  Take back the wheel and reinvent your life and relationships. What are you willing to change to get there? Coaching can help you find out.


"I've begun to rely on myself"


"Woosi helped me solve my own problems. Instead of relying on another individual, I've begun to rely on myself. I have noticed positive changes in every aspect of my life: career, love, personal, emotional and so much more. I was skeptical at first, about what changes could be brought about, but in the safe, non judgemental environment I've begun to face many internal issues that I thought were too big to deal with."

Artist & Entrepreneur

"Exciting new possibilities"


"We, all of us, are expected to be all together and on top of everything all of the time. It's a big "...Should...". Even if it seems that we don't have a big "issue" or some great flaw in our character, talking to somebody who is trained, has interesting tools and insights, and who cares about her clients can lead to exciting new possibilities. "

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