Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

It’s my job as a coach to draw attention to things that you may not want to face, and invite you to tackle hard challenges. If you have issues with my coaching, I encourage you to bring it up with me before things reach a crisis, since I’d like the opportunity to learn from your feedback and adjust my coaching to meet your needs. These are the terms and conditions you agreed to when you purchase a coaching packages.

Session Payment

All sessions are pre-paid. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation for you to meet me and make sure coaching is right for you.

To Schedule Appointments

You can choose to conduct your sessions by phone, video conferencing, or in person in the greater Seattle area. I will contact you to set up your first session, usually within 2 business days after you order.

To Reschedule or Cancel your appointment

To reschedule, contact me by 8am PST on the day of your session. If you cancel after 8am PST on the day of the session, or show up more than 15 minutes late, that constitutes a “no-show” and is not refundable.

Package Expiration

Coaching works best when you meet with me on a regular basis. To support this, the sessions for your package expire after your first session plus double the time frame of the package. For example, a 3-month package expires 6-months after your first session, and a 12-month package expires 2 years after your first session. Single session purchases expire 3 months after purchase. It is your responsibility to schedule your sessions before your package expires, or make arrangements for a further extension. No refunds will be given for expired packages. The Coaching Agreement you sign before or at your first session will indicate your package expiration date.

Refund Policy

There are times when we may not click, coaching may not be working for you, or your life shifts in a way that makes continued coaching difficult. I want you to be completely satisfied with your coaching sessions, and so I’m willing to refund in most cases. Please contact me directly to request a refund. Refunds are subject to review, and not guaranteed. Refunds will not be issued for expired packages.

Your refund, if approved, will be the package price minus used and no-show sessions at the price for that number of sessions, and minus a 5% paperwork fee.


  • You purchase one coaching session
  • You use 2 sessions from a 6-session package and then cancel. Your refund amount will be the package price ($700) minus a 5% fee ($35), and minus the cost of 2 sessions at the single-session price ($250), so $700 minus $285 = $415.
  • You use 5 sessions and have 1 no-show from a 24-session package and then cancel. Your refund amount will be the package price ($2700) minus a 5% fee ($135), and minus 6 sessions at the 6-session price ($700), so $2700 minus $835 = 1865.  Please contact me for an exact refund calculation, as prices may have changed.

Coach-it-Forward Donations are not refundable. Thank you for supporting coaching for all!